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AccusedThis will be short and sweet. If you like Lisa Scottoline’s Rosato and Associates mysteries, you’ll like Accused. Thirteen year old genius, Allegra Gardner, has interviewed law firms and hired  Rosato and Associates to free the man convicted of killing her older sister, Fiona. Allegra is convinced he’s innocent.

Mary DeNunzio, having just made partner in the firm, takes the case with her co-worker and best friend, Judy Carrier. Of course, it’s not easy because the murder took place six years prior and also Allegra’s father, prominent Philadelphian John Gardner does not want to re-open the case and bring more hurt onto the family. However, Allegra has the funds to hire Rosato and Associates and there’s not much John can do to stop it…although he does put some stumbling blocks in the way.

Short on Bennie Rosato, Accused has the rest of the characters you’ll like: Mary and her boyfriend Anthony, Mary’s parents and their friends, the three Tonys and Judy. All I can say is it’s typicaly Scottoline and typical Rosato and Associates.

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