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Leila is a high school senior on a road trip to see the Northern Lights, starting out in LetsGetLostLouisiana. Let’s Get Lost is her chronicle of four adventures along the way. First she meets Hudson in Vicksburg, Mississippi., the day before his interview for a college scholarship. Her car is limping along and he’s a mechanic in his father’s garage.

Next is Bree in Kansas. She’s on a road trip as well. Her parents recently died and she didn’t get along with her older sister, Alexis, who is now her guardian. So, it’s better all around if she just left.

Elliot in Minneapolis told his long time best friend, Maribel, that he’s in love with her. It’s high school prom night and his declaration didn’t get the desired result.

Finally, Leila meets Sonia. Sam was her sole mate and one true love. Sam died during a basketball game due to a rare heart disease. She swore he’d be her only love but, she’s fallen for Jeremiah, Sam’s sister’s future brother-in-law. Is it a negation of all she and Sam had if she’s fallen in love again? And how will his family take it, a family that’s treated her as their own?

In four novellas, Adi Alsaid recounts Leila’s interaction with these people, people she’s never met before but goes out of her way to help.

The fifth and final novella gets Leila to Alaska and waiting to see the Northern Lights. This time it’s someone helping her to see the light (no pun intended). In every adventure, she asks What’s Your Story? In the final story, you get Leila’s.

Let’s Get Lost is a pleasant read. I’ve never met anyone like Leila, willing to drop everything to help another human being. I wish the world was populated with more Leila’s. It would certainly be a better place. The stories are interesting. The characters are fun. If you’re looking for a fast, easy, put a smile on your face read, Let’s Get Lost by Adi Alsaid will fit the bill.



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