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You expect different from Aidan Chambers and Dying to Know You fits the bill. Karl’s girlfriend, Fiorella, has given him a list of questions he must answer in writing so she can get to know him better. But he’s not a writer. So Karl enlists the aid of one of Fiorella’s favorite authors to ‘wordsmith’ his responses into ‘good, grammatically correct English’. Is it subterfuge?

While the concept of ghostwriters in literature is not new, Chambers puts a new spin on it. Karl is young, while the writer is in his 70s. Their life experiences are dramatically different. Their views on life and love are different.

You’ll immediately like Karl and his compatriot and take an active interest in their relationship. Each man brings to the table something needed by the other and, in the process, alters the other’s life.

Dying to Know You is a quick and rewarding Young Adult read.

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