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History for Sale

Warwick is an old town. The cemetary across the street from the Presbyterian Church in Amity (which I’ll talk about in another post) has original headstones dating back before the Civil War and newer ones commemorating deceaseds from the 1700s. The current Church itself dates back to 1868 per the sign shown here and the associated one room school house began in 1873.  History. Once lost, never retrieved.

So, imagine my shock when I saw that the Church and  schoolhouse are up for sale through a commercial real estate agent. The Church is smack dab in the middle of a residential neighborhood. Short of an Arlo Guthrie-esque redo of his Alice’s Restaurant friends buying a church to live in, this can’t be good.

It is disheartening to see another piece of history go by the wayside. It’s what makes Warwick and Amity quaint. Every time I pass by now, I’ll wonder what monstrosity will replace the beautiful spire and stained glass. I hope someone comes to his/her senses and preserves our heritage.

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