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BelmanAndBlackYou all know how much I was looking forward to Bellman & Black by Diane Setterfield. Well, unfortunately I was somewhat disappointed. While Ms. Setterfield’s use of language is remarkable, the storyline and characters were somewhat less so, in my opinion. But, bear in mind, I’m a literary reader, meaning I read for the story, not the unlying, hidden meanings and symbolism, of which I’m sure there were many in this book.

An author recently posited on Facebook that the quality of books nowadays is being judged on whether the characters are likable and that shouldn’t be the criterion. I agree. However, you should feel something for the characters; love, hate, sympathy; something that will drive you further into the book. Does the character you love get the guy in the end (so to speak)? Does the one you hate get his/her comeuppance?

A book fails, again in my humble opinion, when you don’t feel anything for the characters and that is my issue with Bellman & Black. I felt nothing for the main character, William Bellman, throughout his triumphs and his miseries. He was a man who initially became a workaholic to drown out his sorrow and which ultimately separated him from the rest of society.

Let me know your thoughts on the book. I’d be really interested.

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