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Bonnie Raitt’s career has spanned almost 50 years and her repertoire of songs seems endless. The set list of last night’s concert at the Beacon Theater spanned pretty much her entire career while adding a few new songs into the mix.


I first saw Bonnie Raitt at Jones Beach oh so long ago. If I’m not mistaken she was on the bill with Lyle Lovett (what a mismatch). An upbeat, catchy Will Ya Won’t Ya prompted me by buy her album and the rest is history. We see her every chance we get, even traveling once to Connecticut.

Bonnie’s voice is always strong. Her guitar playing is superb and her band, over the years, has been tight and spectacular. Bonnie’s love of the blues is evident. When I first started seeing her she’d bring Ruth Brown and Charles Brown, old R&B singers, to the stage. Last night she paid tribute to Skippy Wallace whose Women Be Wise¬†was on Bonnie’s first self-titled album in 1971.

Two staples of Raitt’s concerts include Right Down the Line by Gerry Rafferty (from the 2012 Slipstream album) and Angel From Montgomery from 1974’s Streetlights, the latter always getting standing ovations. Her encore included I Can’t Make You Love Me which is always an emotional song.

Raitt was very appreciative of her dedicated, long-time fan base (more so than most artists) and got very emotional as the sold out crowd gave her standing ovations and demanded an encore. She always mentions how lucky she is to do what she loves to do and never forgets to mention her father, the Broadway actor/singer, John Raitt.

I was quite surprised, however, how low key the political activist in Raitt was last night (and has been over the years), especially this year with the unfathomed candidates in the Presidential race.

If you have not seen Bonnie Raitt in concert, you’re missing something. If you haven’t listened to her albums, you’re missing even more. So, start with her latest, Dig Deep and go from there.


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