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WordsWithWingsI first read Nikki Grimes back around 2004 when I read Bronx Masquerade and really liked it. Funny thing is, I haven’t read her since, until just now with Words With Wings. We’re Facebook friends so I read her poetry almost daily, which is what prompted me to borrow Words With Wings. BronxMasqueradeIt is a scant 83 pages, about Gabriella, named after the angel Gabriel, a strong personality. Gabriella is going through changes. Her parents split and she’s moved across town with her mother. Always a dreamer, she’s become more immersed into her daydreams, doing so in class, at home. Her mother, her teachers don’t know what to do.

Where others saw raindrops, Gabriella saw a rainbow. “Where I see red and purple and bursts of blue, everybody else sees black and white.”

The question is, Where would we be without dreamers? They are the people who write beautiful poetry. They’re the ones who envisioned us flying, soaring into space. They’re the ones who compose melodic symphonies.

So, Words With Wings, in my opinion, pays homage to those who dream. And, if there was a way to follow Gabriella’s life, I assume she would achieve great things.

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