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VeryNearlyHonorableAhoy mateys!!!! Guess what today is!!! The release date of the Terror of the Soutlands.

If yer not reading the Terror of the Southlands, then yer gonna get thrown out of the Very Nearly Honorable League of Pirates. This is yer first warnin’.

Hilary Westfield, the Terror of the Southlands herself, hasn’t raised her sword for months and if she doesn’t do something daring like slay a sea monster or defeat a rebel pirate, she is in danger of being tossed from the VNHLP. But when she hears that Eugenie Pimm, the Enchantress has disappeared, she decides to find her, because a pirate must always help a mate. Along with her first mate, Pirate Charlie Dove and her faithful gargoyle, she makes her way to Miss Pimm’s Finishing School for Delicate Ladies, to find Miss Pimm gone. But she meets up with her old friend, Claire, who wants to help find the Enchantress and go on an adventure. So off they go, on a rousing sea-faring adventure, the likes of which should put Captain Blacktooth, the very president of this here VNHLP right about The Terror. But, nay, ’cause he’s against this adventure and skullduggery.

But The Terror won’t be bullied because a pirate must NOT forget to be fearsome. Thar’s cannonball blasts and sword fights and rope tying and rescuing in this yarn. Thar’s pirating and disguising and magic. Thar’s grog drinkin’ and mast climbing and skullduggery galore.

So, if’n yar goin’ to be a right proper pirate, then it’s the Terror of the Southlands that should be on the night stand in yer cabin. Don’t make me give you a second warnin’. Us pirate types are short on patience and my sword hand is itchin’.

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Yesterday was the perfect day, despite getting caught in two short rain showers. It started at the Morgan Library20140531_155007 and Museum with an exhibit From Gatsby to Garp, books from famous American authors. Then a walk from Madison and 34th down to 10th Street and Avenue of the Americas. I had a chance to walk around the West Village, my favorite area in Manhattan. By the way, the Bees Knees is a cute café that has great coffee cake muffins.

1401573148340But the highlight of the day was the Jefferson Market Library on 10th Street and Avenue of the1401574885683 Americas and its Kids Author Carnival. Talk about fostering the love of reading. Thirty or so authors played Charades and Pictionary with the young kids (elementary school age) using book titles. These kids were smart and knew their books. Some authors talked about writing and there were writing exercises/games for the kids. The kids had fun doing their thing and the adults had fun watching them. And I got a chance to meet Caroline Carlson, author of one of my favorite books, The Very Nearly Honorable League of Pirates series.

20140531_160250I had some time before meeting up with Abbe, so I walked around the block and stumbled on this wonderful little community garden right behind the library. It had paths to walk and benches to sit and meditate or people watch…I did both, I guess. A little oasis in the middle of the city. And it’s funny, but the sound of the birds drowned out the sound of the cars…or was that merely my imagination?

The next time you’re in Manhattan with nothing to do, visit the Jefferson Market Library and its community garden.


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Have you ever wondered what would happen when the Terror of the Southlands combinesVeryNearlyHonorable forces with a High Society Girl, her gargoyle and her Governess to sail the piratical high seas? Most probably not, but you’ll soon find out when you read The Very Nearly Honorable League of Pirates-Magic Marks the Spot (VNHLP), a debut novel by Caroline Carlson. And you know the penalty for not reading this book, matey? Ya’ll be walking the plank.

Twleve year old Hilary wants to be a pirate, but the Very Nearly Honorable League of Pirates denied her internship application because girls cannot be pirates, regardless of their ability to tie knots and tread water for long periods of time. The daughter of Admiral James Westfield, the Admiral will hear none of this hogwash and sends Hilary off to Mrs. Pimm’s Finishing School for Delicate Ladies, to be taught how to curtsy and crochet and faint at a moment’s notice and waltz…not skills required by piracy (except maybe the waltzing…the foot work quite useful in sword fights). Hearing of an opening on the ship of Jasper Fletcher, the Terror of Southland, Hilary sneaks out of school and applies. Surprisingly, he takes her on board. However, we all know that young ladies must be chaparoned, especially when hobnobbing with scoundrels and rapscallions.

In Augusta, magic is worth more than gold, so as the crew of the Pigeon roam the high seas searching for magic, the scoundrels they meet will test their sword fighting, map reading, sailing talents. Magic Marks the Spot is a delightful tale of adventure on the high seas. Drama, combined with humor, make this book a smile invoking, fun read. The crew make a good team against the rogues, some of them unexpected, trying to do them in. And the talking gargoyle is just icing on the cake.

Fans of the Jacky Faber series by L. A. Meyer will certainly enjoy the VNHLP series…I’m assuming there will be more than one book about Hilary et al. So, if you’re looking for a rollicking tale of adventure, magic, with maybe just a tad of romance, join Hilary, Charlie, Governess Greyson and Jasper Fletcher on their voyage. You may find out you want to be a pirate too.

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