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So, there’s been so much said about the National Book Awards nominations for YA Literature, but I think Libba Bray says it best.  After reading her blog, you’ll know why she’s a great author and I barely write a blog.


So, here’s a plug for her latest book.


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Whoever thought I’d have a Take 2 on this?  Each day is full of surprises.

‘Shine’ Withdrawn as NBA Young People’s Literature Nominee

This situation with Lauren Myracle’s book, Shine, is absurd.  The emotional highs and lows she is going through is unwarranted. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, read the attached article.) But what does it say about the National Book Foundation that they ‘misheard’ Shine for Chime? Did they also mishear Myracle for Billingsley?  I mean, come on!!!

To be truthful, I’ve heard great things about both books and they are now on my reading list (Chime is already on my night table), despite the fact that neither is in my ‘genre’.  You will hear my views on both books.

However, if I were on the NBF nominating committee, I’d resign in shame. My humble opinion.  I’d like to hear yours.


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