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So, last night my daughter and I had 15 minutes to kill after dinner and before we had to leave to see Josh Ritter in concert (he was really good by the way, even if he didn’t sing Right Moves). Since the restaurant, DiMaggio’s in Port Washington, is down the street from the North Shore Animal League, we decided to window shop.

The dog we loved, Ozzie (a gorgeous, gentle chocolate lab with the biggest paws and kindest face), doesn’t have his photo on the website. But Oskar cameOskar in a close second. (So, if you’re looking to adopt a dog, check on Oskar or Ozzie.)

Anyway, we were on our way out when a woman (50-ish) and her daughter come up to us and the woman looks at me and says “You’re over 60, aren’t you?”

Well, folks, I know I’m over 60 and I know I look over 60, but does someone have to remind me????? Blah!!!

It seems that people over 60 don’t have to pay the adoption fee and she wanted me to help with her daughter adopting a pet.

So, if you’re looking to read a blog from an old guy, keep reading this.

And a word of advice: Don’t remind us old folks that we’re old. We like to think of ourselves as forever 18.




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