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OK, Jordan. Admit it. You didn’t write Are You Experienced? for teens. You really wrote it for the 60-somethings AreYouExperiencedlike me who want to reminisce about a by-gone era of idealism, of a love of music and our favorite bands, of a day when we weren’t all connected, all the time, to 1,000 ‘friends’. You wanted us to re-live Woodstock, regardless of whether or not we went (I didn’t) and remember Ten Years After and John Sebastian and Joe Cocker and Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young and Jimi Hendrix’s version of the national anthem. If that was your goal, you succeeded triumphantly because I had a blast reading and remembering.

Or did you write it for teens? To introduce them to all of the above. Yeah, there are kids now who know of some of the bands there, but many don’t. There are some kids who think that the world can be a better place, but many don’t. There are kids who look outside themselves and try to help others, but many don’t.  Maybe Are You Experienced? can be a wake-up call and shake a generation out of its apathy.

But, in truth, what you did was write a fun book. Imagine traveling back in time and spending time with your father when you and he both are 15. A father who is distant and restrictive and solitary. Imagine learning what he was like at your age and what shaped him into the person he has become. What a fun and unique opportunity. And imagine doing that at the concert to end all concerts, Woodstock. Well, Richard Gabriel Barber lived that chance. And in doing so, met some great musicians, some great people and might have changed his own and his father’s life.

Are You Experienced? is a fun romp through Woodstock. Regardless of whether some of the events actually happened, you’ll get a glimpse of some great rock musicians. You’ll understand, hopefully, the lure of the music. You’ll learn about the traffic jams and the heavy rains and mud, the skinny-dipping and, yes, the drugs. But, having listened to the Woodstock CDs and seen the movie, it is some of the best music you’ll ever hear. As you read Are You Experienced?, you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll remember (if you’re old enough).

I thoroughly enjoyed this book.

P.S. In a somewhat familiar vein, if you’re interested, Born to Rock by Gordon Korman, is another rock and roll book. Imagine being an ultra conservative kid and finding out your dad was once king of Heavy Metal!

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Dion DiMucci Concert

OK, since Ticketmaster, for some reason, will not let me post a review on their website of the Dion concert at Westbury Music Fair last Friday, I’m forced to do it here. I will state categorically, it was a total disappointment.

untitledRather than seeing the current, blues singer, Dion, who produced three great blues albums, beginning with the one shown here, Bronx in Blue, we were forced to see the ‘oldies’ Dion…an hour and a half of oldies, with one…yes one…current acoustic blues song thrown in. Once he finished that song a few people shouted out “We want more of that.”, so I wasn’t the only one expecting some new material. But he would hear none of it. It was back to loud oldies. Guess you have to expect that when the average age of the audience was well above my considerable age.

But, the thing I don’t understand is this: if you’ve spent the time to redefine yourself (Bronx in Blue was recorded in 2006, Son of Skip James in 2007 and Tank Full of Blues in 2012, so he’s spent a good 6 years producing these CDs), why wouldn’t you put the songs out there and sing them? Why live in the 60s when you’re current in the new millennium?

So, Dion, if you read this (which I doubt you will), you can pander to the senior citizen population who are living in the past or you can entertain those of us (I’m close to senior citizen age) who live in the day and maybe in the process you’ll pick up some younger fans. Otherwise, those great blues CDs are going to languish on the remainder shelves of music outlets. Just ’cause you’re 70, doesn’t mean you have to act like it.

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