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As you already know, I’m a fan of Reed Farrel Coleman, having just finished his Moe Prager series. His earlier series, Dylan Klein, consists of three books, the first being Life Goes Sleeping. Only Mr. Coleman can open a book at a funeral, make it funny and then lead you through a series of mysterious twists and turns, end up back at the cemetery a year later for a denouement and again make it funny.

It appears that Life Goes Sleeping is Mr. Coleman’s first book and it’s noticable. It’s that whole international spy thing. I guess I’m just not buyiing it. BUT…the main reason I read Reed Farrel Coleman is for his words, use of language, humor, philosophy and these components are there in full force. His description of various relatives at his mother’s funeral are outright funny. His description of Klein’s friend and Sound Hill tavern owner, Johnny MacClough, and their friendship is something to write about. We all need friends like Johnny. Coleman’s discussion of family, how Klein doesn’t talk to his two brothers, wasn’t that close to his parents, reeks of the reality of so many family dynamics. In Life Goes Sleeping, you see the hint of the later Reed Farrel Coleman, as he hones his craft.

The other reason I read Mr. Coleman is Brooklyn and Long Island, where his novels take place. Living in Roslyn, I was surprised to find the motel under the Roslyn viaduct make an appearance in Life Goes Sleeping, as do Hempstead Harbor and Glen Cove. My grandparents lived in Brighton Beach and Klein’s description of the intersection of Brighton Beach Avenue and Coney Island Avenue and Ms. Stahl’s Knishes (I used to go there as a kid) brought back wonderful memories. I can picture certain locales that are described in the book. That’s always fun.

So, I encourage you to read Life Goes Sleeping and plot Mr. Coleman’s growth as a writer.

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