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I was going to write about seeing E‘lissa Jones any way but after the review Ed did of the Dion concert I didn’t want you all to think we’re music snobs.  I enjoyed aspects of the Dion concert but wasn’t surprised by the oldies content.  Ed and I had had multiple conversations about the possible set list and, me being the glass is half empty person I am, warned him that I suspected that most of the music would not be what he wanted to hear. Having said that I want to spend a few moments raving about E’lissa Jones.20130817_195941

On a glorious Saturday evening Ed and I packed up a delicious dinner and a chilled bottle of Pinot Grigio and headed to the Warwick Railroad Green, one of my favorite places, to watch one of my favorite bands-the E’lissa Jones band.  Never heard of them? You should.  They’re a great Hudson Valley local band, but given the trash (yes I said it TRASH) that passes for music when real talent is in front of you, your heart starts beating, your toes start tapping and joy just fills the air.

20130817_194033E’lissa Jones plays guitar, mandolin, keyboard, a fiddle that rocks. She’s got a smile that lights up when she sings and has the voice of an angel.

Playing songs they’ve written (old and new) or borrowed, they played, danced, and sang for two glorious hours.   E’lissa is able to rock that fiddle and dance in the audience without missing a beat.  The band isn’t just a band-it’s a family.  I watched as the a member’s wife rocked E’lissa’s swaddled son as he slept in her arms.

After playing for a bit E’lissa, a music teacher, called up one of her students – what a treat.  We should all have music teachers like that.


I’m sure that there will be other concerts, but this night was special – a wonderful concert sitting next to a wonderful man. What more can you ask for!

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