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Abbe and I spent a wonderful day yesterday. We covered about 425 miles. Yikes! Our initial destinationBug was the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art in Amherst, MA. You know you’re there by the Bug in front of the museum. Our goal was to view the exhibit of Barbara McClintock’s artwork for the book Leave Your Sleep, a companion to Natalie Merchant’s amazing CD of the same name.LeaveYourSleep

Of course, another goal was to get Ms. McClintock and Ms. Merchant to autograph a copy of the NatalieMerchantbook, which they did. A tremendous BarbaraMcClintockexhibit, it was. McClintock’s work is so detailed. The more you look at it the more you see. Of course, I had to buy some of her other books there.

Our next stop was Rogers Book Barn in Hillsdale, NY. On the way, Rogerswe passed the Circle Museum (didn’t stop in), which is apparently an artist’s memorial to himself. Oh well. It was someone’s 15 minutes of fame. That was an hour of searching the various nooks and crannies for the perfect book. We each some luck in that area.

On the final leg of our journey, dinner was in order and I remembered this diner that Lisa and I went to on the way home from Williamstown, which has great egg creams DailyPlanetand malts. I had a vague idea where it was and this time my memory served me well. Dinner at the Daily Planet. Each room is decorated in a decade theme, 1940s, 1950s, etc. with movie posters and other memorabilia. I had the Duke of Earl Egg Cream with my burger. Yummmm!

When I finally got home at 9:30 PM, after starting at at 7 AM, the only thing I wanted was my bed. It was a great day.

Plus, to top it off, Abbe gave me an advanced copy of Julie Anne Peters’ Lies My Girlfriend Told Me and the first season of Veronica Mars. Got lots of reading and viewing to do.


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