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I work in a suburban library in a reasonably affluent community. It certainly has its advantages. The patrons are well educated and have all the modern electronic toys. They attend all of our college related courses–college financing, college essay writing, choosing a college. We have programs on art, music, current events, travel, etc. We don’t have to worry about smelly, homeless people disturbing the serenity of our library.

But there are disadvantages as well, such as really making a mark in the community. So, I want to move to Portland, OR (although I never will). They seem to be doing it right.

I want to be the librarian who rides around on my bicycle with a big basket in the front, visiting the homeless and helping them choose books. I know the photo makes it look more fun than it probably is, but still…instilling a love of books in another person or doing reader’s advisory in the great outdoors just sounds so fulfilling. So, in my dreams or in my next life, that’s what I’m going to be doing.

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