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healy-bluntdartsI sadly read that one of my favorite mystery writers, HealyJeremiah Healy, took his own life earlier this month. Healy who created the conflicted private investigator John Francis Cuddy series (first book-Blunt Darts) based in Boston won the Shamus Award, given by the Private Eye Writers of America, for The Staked Goat (1986). Many of his other books were nominated for the award.
What I didn’t know was that he also wrote under the pen name Terry Devane and created a legal drama featuring Mairead O’Clare and Sheldon Gold. I liked that series as well and wish there were more than the three books in it. Healy-AStainUponTheRobe
While I’m not sure I’ll re-read the entire Cuddy series, I’ve already reserved a copy of Blunt Darts.
Lastly I read and enjoyed Off Season and Other Stories Healy-OffSeasonwhich combines mysteries and the super-natural. So, if you’re looking for a great detective series (incidentally based in Boston) try John Francis Cuddy.

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