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ConfessionsOfASoCalledMiddleChildCharlie C. Cooper did such an horrendous thing at the end of sixth grade, she brought shame to her family, was expelled from school and her family had to move so she could attend a different school. Her punishment was being grounded all summer and seeing a psychiatrist, Dr. Scales. Everyone will admit she made great progress over the summer and she was sure she could start anew, sans therapy, in her new school. Well, she was almost right.

In order to solidify her transformation, Dr. Scales had a teeny, tiny project for her before she was free of him. On the first day of school, she must befriend the most bullied girl in her class. Everyone knows that such a task can be social suicide for a twelve year old…or anyone for that matter. But, Charlie, being a ‘glass half full’ kinda girl figured out that she could do it and still be in the in-crowd. The question is can she, especially when that girl is called Marta the Farta?

I’ll admit, it took me a while to like Charlie C. Cooper, but I ended up really liking her. I like glass half full kinds of people.

Maria T. Lennon has filled Confessions of a So-Called Middle Child with great characters beginning with Marta and Charlie, Charlie’s siblings and Trixie and Babs, the top of the rung kids. The storyline is different from your normal ‘bully’ book and Lennon fills it with True Facts (are there any untrue facts?), such as “When you’ve finally hit upon the right course of action, the stars align.”

I’ll also admit readers might need to suspend their belief a little when reading Confessions, but that’s OK. Not all bully books need to read like text books. If you’re looking for a cute book about bullying to recommend to middle school girls, why not give this book a shot. It’s different and it’s fun.

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