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IMG_1244Grandes Dames of the Gardens is what the New York Times called the exhibit at the New York Botanic Gardens. In the garden library, there is an exhibit  of women who in the early 1900s were known for their photography of gardens (primarily a male dominated profession). It is quite interesting, especially some of the book covers from that era which contain floral designs with gold leaf.

However, the garden in the conservatory was amazing. Called Mrs. Rockefeller’s Garden, it was designed to evoke Abby Aldrich Rockefeller’s garden in Maine, designed by Beatrix Ferrand. Amazingly, I recognized some of the plants, primarily astilbes, IMG_1254which I actually have in Warwick.

I am always amazed at the use of color in these gardens, a knack I don’t have, unfortunately. The variety of plants, colors, heights, combinations is awesome.

IMG_1276Even though it was cloudy, I walked around the grounds. The Azalea Garden was in full bloom. I love azaleas and I found out that deer love them as well when I got up to Warwick. They had a feast.

Well, I did have a good surprise when I got to Warwick. The lilacs were in full bloom. Beautiful and aromatic.IMG_1278

So, if you’re a flower/plant lover, the moral of this story is…go to the New York Botanic Gardens.

By the way, I did spend a small fortune on plants at their store. What better place to buy plants, right?



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IMG_1171The exhibitions at the conservatory of the New York Botanic Gardens IMG_1178are always wonderful. They blend flowers with music or literature and show how the two are connected. Outside the exhibit are posters with winter poems by Billy Collins. Inside, they have the most beautiful recreations of buildings and bridges (existing or previously existing but razed in an era that was not concerned with preserving our architectural heritage) of New York City IMG_1213IMG_1217IMG_1196and surrounding areas, including Tarrytown. And the amazing thing is that these recreations are made out of natural fibers.

Walking around the garden afterward was equally mind boggling. The trees still had their colorful leaves. It was just beautiful. If you get a chance, treat yourself. I’m thinking of going back again after the holiday rush.IMG_1239IMG_1235

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