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NeverLookBackNever Look Back by Clare Donoghue is a debut novel and it’s a pretty fair start to a series (I’m sure it’s going to be a series). Detective Inspector Mike Lockyer is head of homicide on the South London police force. He’s called early one January morning because a young girl has been found murdered.

His second in command, Jane Bennett, upon Mike’s getting to the scene of the crime, tries to warn him before he looks at the body, but it’s too late. This girl bears a remarkable resemblance to his seventeen year old daughter, Megan.

Unfortunately, the bodies start to pile up.

In a separate incident, another young woman, Sarah Grainger, reports that she is being stalked. Whoever it is has intensified his silent phone calls in the middle of the night.

Lockyer and his team investigate both crimes. Are they related?

In a side story, Lockyer deals with his younger autistic brother, in a group home. He never knew he had a brother until his parent’s passing, five years earlier.

There’s definitely action and suspense in Never Look Back. Lockyer and Bennett are good characters. They work well together and obviously care for each other.

I said at the beginning that Never Look Back was a pretty fair first novel–which I meant in a complimentary way. But if you were to ask me what would make it a great first novel, I wouldn’t be able to answer you. While I wouldn’t mind reading a sequel, I wouldn’t run to put it on my “do not miss” list.

Let me know what you think.



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ProvidenceRagThis third installment in the Liam Mulligan series is just as good as the first two. All the old characters are back: Mulligan, Edward Anthony “Thanks-Dad” Mason, Gloria, Ed Lomax. Providence Rag is inspired by (not based on) two of Rhode Island’s most notorious murder cases, according to the author.

Two brutal serial killers have served their sentences and are up for parole. One is in his 70s and dying from heart disease. The chances of him committing another murder is minimal. The other is in his thirties and has shown no remorse. The probability is high that he will strike again. What do you do? Let him go free? Fabricate incidents in jail that would extend his stay?BruceDeSilva

What do you do if you find evidence that false incidents were reported that, indeed did extend his term? Publication of this evidence will accelerate parole. But you’re a reporter, held to a higher standand. You report the truth, despite the results. Right?

Mulligan and Mason go head to head on this subject. As with each book in the Mulligan series, you can’t put it down. You want to find out what happens, who wins? The main characters in this series are great. All different. All human. While the story wrapped up a little too neatly, a little to quick, the journey to get there couldn’t have been better.

I’m always looking for a new mystery series with not too many books so it won’t take me forever to catch up. This is the perfect series. Three great books. Fast reads. Cerebral instead of action packed. And hey, how many mysteries take place in Rhode Island? Rogue Island. Cliff Walk. Providence Rag.



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