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InvisibilityStephen is invisible to everyone, the result of a curse placed by his maternal grandfather on his mother. He’s been living this way for all of his 16 years and has come to grips with the lifestyle. That is until one day when a new neighbor moves into his apartment building, two doors down. Elizabeth, struggling to unlock her door and not lose her packages fails at the task, dropping them on the floor. Turning to Stephen, she snarkily says something to the effect of “having fun watching me? how about helping?” Stunned, Stephen assists her, which sets off a romance and a quest.

The quest is “why can Elizabeth see him when no one else can?” The romance…oh, you can figure that out yourself. I’ve never read anything written by Andrea Cremer. David Levithan, however, has broken many literary barriers with his YA novels. Boy Meets Boy certainly is ground-breaking. Every Day posits the supposition that a person can wake up in another person’s body on a daily basis and live that person’s life as well as his/her own. Quite a fun read. And now, he and Ms. Cremer have introduced us to magic, spellcasters, cursecasters and spellseekers in Invisibility. (By not explaining these, I’m forcing you to read the book…which is my intention.)

The authors take you on an adventure with all the necessary ingredients: spells, death defying feats, etc. I was going to put the book down with 50 pages left, at 11:15 PM one night, but decided wisely to stay up until I finished it.

For those of you who identify with the loners of the world, there’s Stephen and Elizabeth. For those of you who identify with the “can-do, nothing can stop me” characters, there’s Elizabeth’s brother, Laurie, who’s had to overcome his own major trials. For those of you who want a character to hate, well, there’s one of those too…and plenty of characters to love.  For those of you who just want something fun to read, there’s Invisibility, which, trust me, will not be invisible in your library or bookstore. Actually, I’m thinking this book is going to fly off the shelves, so it may be invisible for a bit. So, maybe you just need your own copy. Whichever way you go, just make sure you read it.

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