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20130420_110848The invigorating Warwickan sun was beating down on the back deck. Last Sunday was a gorgeous day. The designer of our Warwick home, purportedly Horace Walling, situated the house so that the late morning/early afternoon sun directly hits the back. It was so warm, I was able to luncheon on the deck, soaking in the rejuvenating rays, eyes closed, face poised towards the sun, feeling more energetic as the time passed. (My pate might have evening gotten a little sunburned from my day outdoors, as the top felt a tad tender.)

It’s been a rough winter for our garden. The snow reduced our once chest high JapaneseMapleJapanese maple 20130420_111058 (2)to a few spindly twigs but there’s new growth coming. In an effort to dig a drainage ditch, road workers threw gravel on my little sedum garden (the one I’ve been cultivating for the past two years) covering the plants with pebbles. But they are hardy, these sedum, and they’re coming back in full force. The bleeding hearts20130420_150103 are sprouting.  Plants that I thought were goners are showing life.

I’m reading a children’s book (yes, I must mention a book) called Plants and Their Children, written in 1896 by Mrs. William Starr Dana. In it she talks, yes actually talks, to children telling them about plant life, how seeds are formed, what buds are, etc. Although the 1896 language is a bit stilted especially compared to today’s lackadaisical grammar and spelling, it is a reaffirmation of the wonders of spring and nature. It is the perfect book to read as we watch the wonders of our garden reveal themselves. So, here’s to gardens and gardeners everywhere, as we tend our little plots of wonder. Enjoy, everyone.

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