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HangmanFor those of you who read (and liked) Black Irish, Talty’s first book in the Abbie Kearney series, Hangman, the second in the series, won’t disappoint. When the Hangman escapes the van transporting him from Auburn prison to Attica, the massive manhunt is on. Accused of abducting and killing four teenage girls, there is no cop in Buffalo, active or retired, who wants this man back on the street. They know, once free, the killing will start again…and it does.BlackIrish

Abbie is the point person on the murder and she’s got to use every resource available to make sure Hangman is captured, dead or alive.

Hangman is fast paced and takes place over just a few days. Abbie is partnered with Detective Raymond. An odd pairing, a persona non grata Irish female detective and a young Black detective who transferred to homicide from Violent Crimes. However, they are a good team and I , personally, would like to see them paired up again. There are twists and turns, action and suspense. You get to follow Abbie’s train of thought and frustration at not being able to think like this particular serial killer.

I wish I knew the city of Buffalo so that I can picture where the action takes place, but that’s a minor point. The major point is that Hangman (and Black Irish before it) are great mysteries.


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