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I was going to start my review of The Nature of the Beast by by Louse Penny by saying that the plot of the book was TheNatureOfTheBeastsomewhat out there, not quite believable. That is until I read Ms. Penny’s Author’s Note at the end of the book which states that the basics of the book are historically true. So, Ms. Penny has woven an interesting fictional story around a true set of circumstances…which somehow makes it even more unbelievable.

Nine year old Laurent Lapage is the classic ‘boy who cries wolf’. He is constantly running through the idyllic village of Three PInes with the most outrageous stories of monsters and wolves and threats to the village. So when he runs into Olivier and Gabri’s bistro shouting about a huge gun, bigger than a house or a building with monsters all over it, no one believes him. Instead, Armand Gamache drives him home. When his dead body turns up a day later, the town is shocked. The coroner ruled it an accident…Laurent fell off his bike and hit his head. However, Gamache suspects foul play for several reasons and is soon proven right.

As I’ve probably said before, reading an Inspector Gamache story is almost like coming home. Three Pines is an idyllic setting. The characters have become your friends. It is reminiscent of the Martha Grimes Richard Jury series. You enjoy going home and seeing old friends. You truly never want to leave.

A Louise Penny story always has the right combination of town camaraderie as well as town secrets and intrigue. No one is what they appear to be. They have dark interiors. As Gamache mentions, since most Three Pines residents are transplants, does anyone really and truly know anyone else?

For an immensely enjoyable combination of police procedural, small town idiosyncrasies and a well written story, the latest Louise Penny offering, The Nature of the Beast, is my recommendation.

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