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Tanya Pitts Dubois comes home one day to find her husband, Frank, lying at the base of the stairs, quite dead, with a big gash on his head. She decides that if she notifies the police and remains at the house until they arrive, she will be the most likely suspect. For various reasons, she concludes, this would not be a brilliant idea. So, she packs her bags and leaves.

For a book I contemplated not reading, I would have made a grave (no pun intended) error in not reading The Passenger because I couldn’t put it down. I am a big fan of Lisa Lutz and the Spellman series. However, I couldn’t get through Heads You Lose, her ‘joint venture’ with David Hayward. Plus, I’m not typically a fan of humorous mysteries, which I thought this was. I had put a reserve on the book and it arrived, I was between books and said “What the heck.” It was truly a smart move.

I’m not going to write any more about the plot. It will speak for itself as you read. You’ll love Tanya as you travel with her, as you read her emails and learn her history. The Passenger is a truly entertaining read.


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