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TornAwaySixteen-year-old Jersey survived the tornado that hit Elizabeth, MO alone in her basement, under her stepfather Ronnie’s pool table. Her mother, Chrissy, and 5 year-old sister, Marin, were at dance class and were not as lucky. After several days Ronnie appears. Their house and belongings are destroyed. The only saved relics are Marin’s favorite purse and a ceramic cat with the number 6 on it, one of 16 anonymous birthday gifts Jersey assumes were from her father, Clay, who abandoned her at an early age. It is a complete shock when Ronnie says he is too emotional to care for her and she must move to another city to live with Clay’s extended family. They make it known that they do not want her but will take her as a family obligation. Jersey and her two teenage cousins clash immediately and Jersey is forced to leave. Instead of taking her back, Ronnie takes her to Chrissy’s parents, who Chrissy said disowned her when she married Clay.

In Torn Away, Jennifer Brown, author of Thousand Words, The Hate List and Perfect Escape describes in realistic detail the physical and emotional wreckage of storm victims. Not only has Jersey lost her home, immediate family and friends, but she is forced to live with people who do not want her or people she believes have disowned her mother and never tried to maintain contact. Along with acclimating to new families, Jersey also learns that ‘truths’ her mother told her may not have been so. Torn Away is vivid and emotional as Jersey comes to terms with her grief, new life and new knowledge.

For my review of Thousand Words, click here: https://2headstogether.wordpress.com/2013/06/24/thousand-words-by-jennifer-brown/. As you can see, Jennifer Brown does not shy away from controversial topics.

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