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Parker Grant is blind. Three months earlier, at the beginning of summer vacation, her father died. Her aunt, uncle, and two cousins moved into her house to avoid the necessity of Parker having to learn a whole new routine. Right now she’s practically self sufficient. Each morning she walks by herself to the local park and sprints laps. NotIfISeeYouFirst

Parker has a set of rules, some of them necessitated by her blindness, such as Rule #2: Don’t touch me without asking or warning me. I can’t see it coming. I will always be surprised, and probably hurt you. But it’s Rule #INFINITY–There are NO second chances. Violate my trust and I’ll never trust you again. Betrayal is unforgivable.  —  that will be tested in the upcoming school year when two high schools merge into one and she again comes in contact with Scott.

When they were 13, Scott and Parker were a couple…until he betrayed her trust. Then she shut him out. Now they are in the same trigonometry class. Are the feelings still there, three years later?

I liked Not If I See You First for several reasons. One reason is that it shows that blind people can be fully functional. Parker runs track, can help in the kitchen, and is a good student. While, yes, there are some areas in which she needs an assist, for the most part, she is self sufficient, spunky and independent.

I also liked the book because of the characters. Parker has a devoted group of friends in Sarah, Faith and Molly. They embrace her and are there for her through thick and thin. It’s the kind of friendship that most of us want.

I like Linkdstrom’s writing. It’s easy going. The story is interesting and unusual.

Finally, there aren’t many young adult books about people with disabilities, especially blindness. Blind by Rachel DeWoskin is the only one that comes to mind. So this is an area that needs more books.Blind

I will admit that the ending was a cop out, in my opinion, but that’s a minor criticism. Not If I See You First by Eric Lindstrom should be on your reading list.

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