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Yom Kippur

YomKippur1I searched through google images to find the perfect illustration of what Yom Kippur means to me, but unfortunately I didn’t find one. This is as close as I could come.

The thing of I love about Yom Kippur is not the fasting or the break fast, not the blowing of the shofar, not being inscribed in the book of life for another year. What I love is that it is a day of introspection. It is a day to remember people you might have forgotten during the year, as you think of all the good things and bad things you might have done during the year. And most importantly, it is the asking forgiveness for those you have wronged (intentionally or not) and forgiving those who might have wronged you (intentionally or not).

So, in this season of introspection and forgiveness, as I have done in years past, I ask forgiveness from all those I may have wronged this past year, as I forgive those who might have wronged me.

And so having sort of cleansed our souls, my wish is that everyone have a happy, peaceful, meaningful year.


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